Stamped Shipping Policy

If you're looking for a way to save money on shipping we recommend our stamped shipping option! Here's how it works:

- Stamped shipping is ONLY available for sticker sheets and small items. We recommend to only use stamped shipping with our smaller sized sticker sheets. For example:

- Select the sticker sheets you would like to purchase then click “checkout”

- Fill out your information , make sure your name and address are correct. We are not responsible for your order not being delivered due to a wrong address input.

- INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Select “Standard” shipping at checkout , it will be the cheapest price amongst the other options.

For customers in the USA: Please select “USPS First Class Mail” at checkout. It will be the cheapest price among other options.

- Place your order and you will receive an email when your order has been shipped !

If your order is over 3 oz in weight you will not be able to select the tracked shipping option at checkout. 

For USA customers stamped shipping will start at $1.20

For International customers stamped shipping will be $2.40

If you live in the US , please allow 1-5 days for your mail to arrive. International orders can take up to 2 weeks or 3 months to be delivered. Please be patient!

Please note if you choose stamped shipping you will NOT be able to track your order. Stamps do NOT have tracking. Therefore if your order doesn't arrive on time or gets lost there is no way for us to know where it is. We are also not responsible for any lost mail. You understand using stamps means there is no tracking available for your order.

If you believe your order hasn't arrived for longer than the period of time mentioned please contact us