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OOPS! Sticker Bag

OOPS! Sticker Bag

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OOPS! Sticker bags are bags that contain stickers that are: Cut off center, Not cut at all, Faded, Discontinued, Never been released, Missing Stickers, Holographic Stickers. Most of our these are stickers that are slightly off centered. They’re considered B grade, they have great quality but are not to our liking so we add them to the oops bags ! This is a great way to get cheaper stickers if you don’t want to buy at full price !

Product: OOPS Sticker Bag

Size: May vary

Material: May include - Glossy , Matte, or Holographic Stickers 

Quantity: 3 or 4 

Colors may be slightly different due to lighting and screen difference

Please note that all our stickers are handmade with cutting machines. The cut may not always be accurate but we assure you we will provide you with the best quality possible!

Every order comes with a free sticker

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

super cute, did have damages as expected (obvii its an oops bag) but werent dramatic or unusable !! ty 💗


very very cute, will 100% be buying more from this shop! i will be buying from cozyloveclub's official website next time, since k had some issues with the Shop app. the quality is very nice, absolutely love the sticker selections ❤️🩷


Love these stickers all of them are so cute


I love these


Love the stickers just confused why the baby’s are naked 😭


୨୧ Welcome to the Cozy Love Club! We have all your stationery needs! Cuteness awaits you here! ୨୧