Shop Policy

Thank you for your interest in cozyloveclub! Please take some time to read our policies to make your buying experience easier.

Shipping Policy:

All orders take about 1-3 days from ordering to be shipped out. We currently offer 2 kinds of shipping, First Class Package and Priority Mail. Please choose which shipping you'd like at checkout.

- Free Shipping 

We currently offer FREE tracked shipping for customers in the United States. If you purchase $80 or more of products you qualify for free shipping

- Stamped Shipping

If you would like to receive cheaper shipping, we do offer our orders to be sent with stamps. Domestic stamped shipping starts at $1.20 and International starts at $2.40. Stamps will be untraceable and once your order is handed to the USPS we are not responsible or liable for damages. If you would like your order to be sent through USPS with stamps please DM us @cozyloveclub on Instagram. 

- International Shipping

We do ship internationally! Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to the following countries due to the USPS suspending any deliveries to these countries:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Belarus
  3. Bhutan
  4. Brunei
  5. Chad
  6. Cuba
  1. Laos
  2. Libya
  3. Mongolia
  4. Papua New Guinea
  5. Russia
  6. Samoa
  1. Solomon Islands
  2. South Sudan
  3. Syria
  4. Timor-Leste
  5. Turkmenistan
  6. Yemen
  7. Saudia Arabia*

*Due to multiple failed attempts for deliveries , we will not be selling to Saudi Arabia for the time being.


While we believe you shouldn't have to pay a great amount to add to your stationery collection. We are a small business and we do put a lot of time, money, and effort into our products , packaging supplies, and appliances. Our prices reflect those investments. We do offer free shipping to help you save some money when purchasing items from our shop! 

Refunds and Replacements:

Since we are a small business we do not accept returns or exchanges, unless under certain conditions. We are not responsible for what happens to your order once it is in the hands of the USPS. We package our products to be delivered safely to you. We do not accept refunds unless absolutely necessary. Here are some of the reasons you may be able to receive a refund or replacement:

1. You received the wrong item ( must provide photo evidence )

2. We made a mistake with your order ( must provide photo evidence )

3. Something is missing from your order 

If you do not like your order simply based on the style or color of it, we cannot refund you.

Lost Orders:

We are NOT responsible for lost mail. If you haven't received your order please check with your local USPS as we have no control of what happens to your order once it is in the hands of the USPS. Please make sure your SHIPPING ADDRESS is correct when checking out to make sure your order gets delivered to you.

If your order shows it has been delivered but you don't receive it, please visit your local USPS and provide them with your tracking number for more information. We are not the USPS so we do not know where your order is once it's been handed to them.

Thank you for taking the time to read our policies. If you have anymore questions you can reach us on instagram @cozyloveclub or through email at ! We hope you have a lovely cozy day!~